Friday, 7 October 2011

Erotic pictures

Warm cosy corner with italian mandolin into an HH IC100 amp head, leisurely lying on top of a D6 clavinet (did you know HH never made tube amps although some offer a switch called "valve sound"?... )
 "petite" MR10 which is suddenly finding its place again in our studio and our hearts...
Delicate skins and chordharps. Keep your bongos near a heat source (heater, boiler, airing cupboard or fire if you live in a middle east desert) and their skin will never get flappy again. It is a specially useful trick for morrocan bongos who are un-tunable due to the fact that the heads are held in place by leather straps or other animal products.  The best trick is massaging a bit of luke warm water on their heads before warming them up (when it dries, the skin will get tighter raising the pitch again)...

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