Friday, 7 October 2011

Bikes and Amps

I love my Austrian Puch 3-speed bike now that I cleverly sprayed some oil on the saddle springs so as not to terrify pedestrians and drivers as i pass by. The Harry Quinn will soon be moving on as it is huge and I am not huge. It did get me around Cornwall last year in truly awful conditions so it gets credit for that.
Got myself some new amps for my various keyboards. Peavey, Maine and Hagstrom. The Hagstrom sounds the best and is the biggest but its literally falling apart. The Maine looks lovely and I haven't seen many. The Peavey is a Peavey there's always something to be said for Peavey.



Keith Seatman said...

Is that a Maine Amp on the right of the picture?

Dan said...

Thats right

Keith Seatman said...

I did not see the write up with this image that says The Maine looks lovely. I think I was so excited to see one. I got hold of the 150 watt Maine in the 80s. An excellent amp. The original castors broke of. So I put some big heavy duty ones on.